Reasons Why We Are Proud of Our Work in 2022

Reasons Why We Are Proud of Our Work in 2022

As we close out the year, we are taking a look back at some of our favorite achievements from 2022. Each and everyday, Booker T. Washington Service Center acts as a safety net for the youth, families and seniors of the Fillmore/Western Addition neighborhood, providing healthy meals and groceries to families in need, providing opportunities for seniors to connect and share their legacies through art and storytelling, and creating a safe space for children to come after school for homework help, and engaging activities. 

We asked our Booker T. Program Managers what they were most proud of from 2022. 

Here’s what they had to say!

Youth Programing

We increased our summer camp enrollment to 125 students in 2022, a record high since the COVID-19 pandemic! Jam-packed with fun-filled STEM activities and field trips, Booker T. youth had the opportunity to learn, engage and connect all year long. Thanks to our partnership with DrawTogether and their incredible Founder, Wendy MacNaughton, our youth were able to participate in NASA’s first-ever kid art gallery, where they created artwork that would later be launched into SPACE. They also had the opportunity to visit NASA Ames in Mountain View to learn about satellites and the many duties of an astronaut!

Daniel Maria, Youth Programs Manager


Teen & TAY Programming

The Teen & TAY community  thrived in 2022 in  many different ways. One of our primary  goals for the year as a program was to introduce unique opportunities for our Teen and TAYs to learn new skills, meet mentors and connect with peers. This year, we partnered with Comerica Bank and participated in an entrepreneurial–focused competition, where 16 of our teens ideated their own business, crafted a business plan and presented their business strategies. It was incredible to witness all of the burgeoning entrepreneurs we have in our program!

Norsharra James, Teen/TAY Program Coordinator


Food Justice Programs

Starting in June of 2022, we launched our in-person Farm Fresh Food Pantry, that serves free, organic, seasonal healthy foods like fresh corn, sweet potatoes, fresh berries, mandarins, red peppers, bok choy, collard greens, fresh spinach, oat milk, masa, eggs and beans. We are proud to share that since opening, we have distributed 3,220 bags of food (10,000 lbs!). In addition to groceries distributed, we have also successfully served over 250 families and 475 individuals.”

Juanita Bruton, Food Justice Manager


Senior Programming

In 2022, Booker T.’s Senior Victory Club participated in workshops and activities focused on holistic wellness including a tour of Presidio Tunnel Tops, hosted by Parks Conservancy, and so much more. Also, in collaboration with our Food Justice and Community Wellness teams, we have served over 150 seniors in the Western Addition /Fillmore neighborhood with culturally-relevant programming, meals and groceries, and health resources!”

Eryn Kimura, Senior Wellness Manager


Community Wellness and Stabilization Support

We provided a comprehensive set of services to vulnerable families, including basic supplies, housing assistance, therapy and grief counseling. We managed 32 cases in 2022, and even assisted several families find a permanent home after experiencing homelessness.” 

Ryan Babbitt, Director of Programs

Although we couldn’t be more proud of our achievements and growth in 2022, we look forward to making an even bigger impact in 2023!

Dominic Dorsey
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