“Leaving a Legacy” Storytelling Project

“Leaving a Legacy” Storytelling Project

BTWCSC Youth and Teen/TAY (Transitional Aged Youth) recently collaborated with members of our Senior Victory Club to produce, film, and edit a series of videos that document our seniors’ incredible stories. Each one is filled with endless wisdom, lessons, and history. This month, we had the privilege of sitting down with Ms. Barbara Wilson and Ms. Dorothy Cook to learn about their experiences as young children relocating with their families from Arkansas and Mississippi to the Bay Area.

During the group discussion facilitated by Senior Wellness Manager, Eryn Kimura, youth interviewed the two women about their communities growing up and the adversity Black Americans faced at work when affirmative action policies were first implemented in San Francisco in the 1960s. These policies aimed to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace by providing equal opportunities to individuals from historically marginalized communities. The candid conversation gave our youth a better understanding of the racism and challenges faced by underrepresented groups and highlighted the importance of continuing to address systemic inequalities.

Norsharra James, the Teen/TAY Program Manager, captured each interview on video and taught our youth the basics of filming and editing, incorporating archival images and helping the youth build a storytelling narrative.

We spoke with some of the Teen/TAYs about their experience working on the project, and this is what they had to say!

“I really liked that the interviews felt like talking to one of my elders in my family, our conversation was funny at times and was also a learning experience.” 

Sia, BTWCSC Teen/TAY Community Member

“I appreciated the opportunity to connect with the individuals and ask them questions. Their personalities stood out, and I appreciated how open they were with us. They kept the conversation flowing and connected with us individually, which was a great experience.” 

Dynastii, BTWCSC  Teen/TAY Community Member

Click the play button below to watch the full video!

We are extremely proud of this work and we’re committed to fostering intergenerational friendships and understanding through facilitated conversations between youth, teens, and seniors at the Center.

Stay tuned for more as we grow this project!

Dominic Dorsey
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