What BTWCSC has been up to regarding COVID-19

Booker T Washington Community Service Center

What BTWCSC has been up to regarding COVID-19

BTWCSC responded to the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly and with a focus on the most pressing needs of the Western Addition children, youth, families and especially our Seniors. Our entire staff worked remotely for three weeks as soon as the Shelter in Place Order was issued, and we focused our efforts on our digital summer camp for our children and become first responders and on food security and social isolation for our community.


BTWCSC was in the forefront of the pandemic and our staff has been committed to serving our community since the middle of April and have remained steadfast in their work. Since the pandemic we have hired a new Family Stabilization Coordinator to provide case management resources as well as a Covid Response Coordinator to bring awareness to COVID-19 and provide resources to make our community feel comfortable in going about their day to day activities.

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Western Addition COVID-19 Response Collaborative is uniquely positioned to assist the San Francisco Public Health Foundation with providing residents of color with harm reduction-based, low barrier, and wrap-around services within the Western Addition. BTWCSC will provide comprehensive, concentrated, and coordinated prevention, mitigation, and wellness services for residents of the Western Addition. Services and programs include centralized COVID-19 testing, case management for positive residents, educational resources/messaging, and support services for resides whom are very high risk for acquiring and/or transmitting COVID-19 and experiencing disproportionate negative physical, mental, and economic impacts from COVID-19. Specifically, BTWCSC will target residents who live within ten miles of the highest crime areas of the city, zip code 94115.

We would also like to thank our collaborative partners to include; The San Francisco Brown Bombers (SFBB), New Community Leadership Foundation (NCLF) Maxine Hall Center and Department of Public Health
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