2023: Our Goals & Aspirations

2023: Our Goals & Aspirations

As our staff returns to the Center after Winter Break, we remain steadfast in our commitment to make an even bigger impact in the lives of youth, families and seniors in the Fillmore/Western Addition neighborhoods in 2023. 

Some of our overarching goals as an organization include developing a 5 Year Strategic Plan for leadership and staff to use as a blueprint to advance our mission and redesigning our website.

In addition to these overarching organizational goals, we have more specific goals for each program that we are excited to share with you! 

Senior Wellness Programming

Booker T.’s Senior Wellness Team is focusing on revamping internal operations to ensure that our Senior Program is equipped to meet the evolving needs of our community. In addition, we hope to expand access to our Senior program by working with partnering housing sites, implementing a transportation program, and providing more in-language support. 

Youth Programming

Booker T. youth bring light and creativity to the Center each day, and we look forward to a fun-filled year! Our goal is to increase the enrollment of low-income Black and Brown youth 

in our Afterschool Program by 20%. Our Youth Specialists have developed an incredible curriculum to help students learn, develop and grow. We are committed to each students’ social and emotional needs, and will continue to maintain a safe environment for them to express their thoughts  and ask for help when needed.

Teen & TAY Programming

Our goal is to prepare teens and young adults for the next steps of their lives, so that they can be successful and thrive. In 2023, we hope to continue to increase enrollment in the program while recruiting at least five new teens to participate in the Booker T. Fellow program. We look forward to cultivating relationships with new and existing teens and TAYs, and inspiring them to be their best selves. 

Community Wellness & Stabilization

We look forward to continuing to provide a safe space by meeting individuals and families where they are, and working with them to provide a plan and resources for those experiencing housing or food insecurity. We are excited to host more cultural gatherings, wellness workshops, and events that encourage our community to heal, teach and connect with their peers. 

Food Justice Programing

In 2023 we will continue to focus on serving more of our neighbors in the Fillmore/Western Addition who are experiencing food insecurity, by distributing hot, nutritious meals and providing access to healthy groceries. We will also continue to provide access to food, education, gardening, cooking classes and farm visits. 

We look forward to measuring the success of each of the goals that we have set for 2023!

Happy New Year!


Dominic Dorsey
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