Launching Art Into Outer Space: BTWCSC X DrawTogether X NASA

Launching Art Into Outer Space: BTWCSC X DrawTogether X NASA

You’re probably thinking, “did I read that title correctly?” Or, maybe you’re just wondering how it would be possible for us to achieve something so literally “out of this world.” Well, it’s happening!


In 1972, NASA launched the spacecraft Pioneer 10 to explore our solar system and the limits of space. Attached to the spacecraft was a special metal plate created by astronomers. The metal plate had symbols, drawings, and a unique story that served as a “galactic greeting card” for any extraterrestrial neighbors “out there.” 


<Images from 1972 spacecraft Pioneer 10> 

Fast-forward 50 years later, online art class and interactive show, DrawTogether, partnered with NASA and five classrooms/organizations across the United States, including BTWCSC, to send drawings to space. Wendy MacNaughton, aka “Wendy Mac, is a San Francisco-based artist who originally created DrawTogether as a resource to support children and parents during the COVID-19 school closures. Now, DrawTogether offers an interactive show, a support program for schools and community organizations to help instructors instill creativity, emotional self-awareness, and confidence in students. We are incredibly thankful for Wendy for making this partnership possible for Booker T.!

To inspire the drawings that will appear in space, participating classrooms and organizations were posed the question, “What are you most proud of and did you want to share about Earth?” 


This is what some of your kids had to share!


“I drew a man and woman so aliens know about us and I drew the sun so they know where we’re at.” – Jace

“My favorite thing about earth is my family, my house, and nature.” – Emmerson

“Some of my favorite things about earth are nature and food, so I drew a tree, a flower, and an apple.” – Lauren



BTWCSC youth even took a trip to NASA for an incredible tour to learn about satellites, art and science, and their drawings going into space!

Photos: Damien Maloney


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