Fall 2022 Festivities

Fall 2022 Festivities


During the month of October, we centered our curriculum and programming at Booker T., around the phrase, “Be You, BOO!”, inviting our community to be intentional about celebrating their unique identities and individuality. Whether it’s through the arts, sports/fitness, or just a conversation with a peer or staff member; we want our youth, families and seniors to shine their inner lights, brightly! 

Here’s a recap of some of the activities and events this month at the Center that promoted self-expression and self-love:

Art programming can amplify youth voice, creative self-expression, promote civic engagement and social change. This month, we asked Booker youth to create a superhero persona, and dress up like one!

Fall has been jam packed with field trips and events, each focusing on promoting confidence, wellness and self-expression! 

Promoting Confidence

Our team and teen/TAY community members attended the Alliance for Girls Conference in Oakland Focusing on the theme of the day, “The World We Imagine,” we attended meaningful workshops on topics such as unmasking trauma and breaking the gender binary. There, we were able to explore and heal our past experiences, as well as learn new ways to create change in our communities. 

Prioritizing Wellness

Our community and the San Francisco Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., joined us for “STEP to HEALTH” a day-long wellness conference centering holistic Black health! We got to steppin’ and dancing with Phillip Weeden of Xtreme Hip Hop With Phil, zenned out with breathwork exercises and meditation from AJANI project, stretched it with yoga instruction from Armando Luna, and nourished our bodies with breakfast and lunch by local Black farmers and chefs! 

Encouraging Self-Expression

Renowned artist William Rhodes partnered with Booker T., to hear and collect stories from our Senior Victory Club members! He will be using the stories to paint portraits that will then be sewn into an elaborate quilt!

We continue to celebrate individuality, each day here at the Center and close out this month with gratitude for our one-of-a-kind community!


Dominic Dorsey
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