Centering Black Mental Health

Centering Black Mental Health

With Mental Health Awareness Month approaching, our commitment to promoting mental health and wellbeing remains steadfast. As a Black-led and serving organization, we recognize the substantial barriers our community members often encounter in accessing quality emotional health resources and preventive services, which can exacerbate mental health challenges.

Through our “Fillmore, Feel Well: BTWCSC Black Wellness Initiative,” we’ve created a unique partnership with Black health and medical professionals and social service providers such as Westside Community Services AJANI Project. Together, we’re improving the holistic health and wellbeing of our community by offering access to free health and social services, supporting activities that promote community building, hosting events that strengthen social networks, and providing spaces for healing. We’re also creating opportunities for early identification and interventions for families struggling to overcome trauma, depression, addiction, and other physical and mental health problems. 

Read on for some recent updates on our work:

Father & Founders Black Men’s Group 

We recently co-launched a Men and Father Resource sessions, a series of open discussions led by Elgin Rose of Fathers to Founders about the unique challenges faced by Black and Brown men in the Fillmore/Western Addition and Tenderloin neighborhoods. In addition to these sessions, we also offer free one-on-one counseling sessions, group sessions, employment resources, and access to family and parenting support.

Booker T. Butterflies

Puberty is a challenging period of rapid emotional and physical changes for young people, often leaving them feeling confused and uncomfortable. We have created a safe space for young girls in 4th – 5th grades and middle school, where they can feel supported and comfortable in their development. The Booker T. Butterflies program, led by our Wellness and Stabilization Team, is a series of workshops designed to promote wellness and female empowerment, centered around the group’s four pillars of discovery, self-love, self-awareness, and transformation. 

Our Booker T. Butterflies released the monarch butterflies they raised and enjoyed a picnic at the Presidio Tunnel Tops last month. This symbolic activity represents personal growth and transformation and was a memorable experience for all involved.

Boys Wellness Group

We have designed a wellness group for boys in kindergarten through middle school that provides a range of activities aimed at boosting self-esteem, developing essential life skills, and fostering positive relationships with their peers. Our program offers onsite therapy sessions, assistance with classroom etiquette, and mentorship opportunities that enable students to connect with positive role models who can guide them through life’s challenges.

By advocating for greater awareness, education, and resources to promote Black mental health and wellbeing, we can continue to make a positive impact on our community here at Booker T.

To inquire about our wellness programs and events, please contact Community Wellness Manager Lisa Wynn at

Dominic Dorsey
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