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During World War I, the Victory Club provided support services for African American soldiers and social activities for the broader African American community.

  • All people by treating them fairly and with respect​
  • Commitment to community
  • Outcome-based programs with proven results.

Booker T. Washington Community Service Center (“BTWCSC”) has been caring for families in San Francisco for over 100 years. Originally established as a USO for African American soldiers during World War I, BTWCSC later became the gathering and organizing place for homecoming African American soldiers and their families. Our extensive history and a strong tradition of providing ongoing support services geared toward promoting the independence and self- sufficiency of families has evolved over the years.


We are the community-based organization that understands the needs of people at risk of homelessness firsthand. In 2017, BTWCSC opened its current 70,000 square foot mixed-use building consisting of a new community center (containing a childcare facility, youth programming space, recording studios, a gymnasium, and community space) and 50 units of service-enriched affordable housing, including 25 homes for youth transitioning from foster care.



For 100 years we have raised generations of community members, including the likes of Johnnie Mathis, Willie L. Brown Jr., and many, many others who have gone on to be phenomenal successes in life. On November 14, 2020 along with Former Mayor Willie Brown Jr., we will be celebrating our 100-year Anniversary with a gala celebration!


In honor of this incredible milestone, the BTWCSC has put together a Host Committee comprised of current and past leaders who represent San Francisco including: Former mayors, Willie Brown Jr., and Art Agnos. Other community leaders that are serving on the host committee are Mayor London Breed, Rodney Fong, CEO of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Brenda Wright, Wells Fargo, Farah Makras, Former Senator John Burton, Makras Realty, and Jimi Harris Chief, Community Relations PG&E just to name a few.


This is a celebration, with many opportunities for our partners and sponsors to build a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with BTWCSC. Event sponsors have the opportunity to reach thousands of San Franciscan’s including some of the most influential community, civic, and business.


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