Student Spotlight: Shuri Smith: Scholar Student - 2018/2019- St. Ignatius College Preparatory Freshman to be.. - Booker T. Washington Community Service Center

by Dominic Dorsey
4 years ago

Shuri, an 8th Grader at Rooftop Elementary was voted Student Council President for her 8th grade year at Rooftop K-8 School. She participates in middle school programming at Booker T. Washington Community Service Center. This year she made St. Ignatius College Preparatory her school of choice. She worked diligently on improving and developing her academic and social emotional skills. She applied and was accepted! Then Shuri and her family said, “Yes! We will attend!” We would like to congratulate and celebrate Shuri, her mother Jessica Fontenot and the extended Fontenot family for achieving their goa..